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Address: Mohammadpur , Dhaka

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Saiful Islam
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About Hovel

“Look where I live – a mansion, no less!” (Poem The Joy of Independence byRajanikantaSen). HOVEL has been revealed with doweling art. It’s a company of Furniture, Home décor& handi crafting. The journey of HOVEL was started in 2015, But finally in 2017 it has come out with own factory with unique features to bring something innovative and new in furniture industry. Hovel Team (Designers, Architects and Carpenters are) is been working in many aspects to make the living space more attractive and joyful. We feel only a sofa, TV and center table are not enough to make the living space stunning and similarly a bed and closet is not all enough for bed room, there should be something that will make the space unique. HOVEL is committed to make your space joyful and enjoyable weather it is Home, office or showroom.In 21st century, everyone wants to have a unique living space and this is why theyare consulting with interior designers or architects and HOVEL is actually a part that industry. Best products in less price is hindmost. But Best furniture or decorating in minimum costing is possible that is one of our objective. In Bangladesh, usually people are more interested in imported furniture. The 1st and foremost target of HOVEL is to provide same foreign standard furniture or home decor in indigenous price range, where HOVEL’s dedicated team has been working. We welcome everyone to HOVEL. Everyone can live well in possible capacity and crafting planned. Hovel has been crafting dream living space within desire and capacity; the best blend of Money and Dream. HOVEL respects your desire of living planned. Crafting is a core part of our services which is like a gift that can make you smiling.

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