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The age-old tradition of portraying hand painted artwork in rickshaw and pedi-cabs is in the verge of extinction as the craftsmen behind the artworks couldn't stand the test of changing times and the evolution of digital printing. The artisans behind these artworks are also ailing to earn a living as they know nothing but to put colorful life in the tinted metal body with the magical touch of their paint brush. This work of artistic creations are practiced from one generation to another which is passed on to them by their predecessors. But now, they lay ideal in the vicinity searching for a way to practice their artistry. One culture aims to revive this ailing tradition and have given these craftsmen a whole new spectrum where they can portray their artwork and make a living. It is our duty to encourage these artisans and appreciate as well as endorse their artworks which are more than just a merchandise but a reflection of their passion and devotion to a traditional artwork which seldom remains unrecognized. more

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